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Long ago in a land far,
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Legends speak of advanced beings who gifted people with ascended knowledge. This knowledge held secrets of health, longevity and youthfulness even into old age. Time-tested for thousands of years, the art of qigong is one of the most elegant and potent on earth. Thanks to the many masters who have gone before, this wisdom has been kept alive and passed down to us now.
Qigong means “energy work” or “energy cultivation” and is known to give massive benefit in a short amount of time and over a lifetime. Qigong can greatly benefit our modern, hectic and stressful lives by communing with nature through a movement practice that nourishes body and soul.
The goal of Qigong is to have a daily practice where we commune with heaven and earth healing, nourishing and strengthening both body and spirit.

In this online program, called Radiant Light Qigong™ Fundamentals of Qigong, Instructor Elizabeth Wilcock shares the fundamental elements of this ancient art and a traditional Shaolin qigong form that she taught in her martial art and medical qigong schools. This is a simple yet very effective beginning for those who are new to qigong and a refinement for those who have already been practicing.

The Fundamentals of Radiant Light Qigong™ Online Training Program is where you will learn ancient wisdom for modern life.

What you’ll get

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Here's what you'll receive…

2 E-Books & Daily Tracking Sheet

The Fundamentals of Qigong training manual and The Tao of How You Eat give a solid foundation of the qigong lifestyle.

5 Training Videos

Detailed video instruction that walks you through establishing a successful daily practice. Plus, the traditional Shaolin Qigong practice called the Eight Pieces of Brocade.

3 Meditations & More

Traditional meditations from ancient qigong lineages that are simple to do and profoundly helpful.

Learn the wisdom of the Masters with the Radiant Light Qigong™ Online Training Program.