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Each time I practice the Qigong you taught me, it's incredibly powerful!

“By simply using Qigong principles on a daily basis, being aware and conscious of my energy field, I feel truly transformed and blessed. I thank you infinitely for allowing me to see this beautiful divine dance of life while connecting my mind, body, and spirit.”

– Adriana Aramis, Student

Beth's depth, discipline, and devotion are remarkable

“She maintains a living connection with the deep wisdom of her lineage.  Through life coaching and Qigong training, Beth helped me awaken to new possibilities, and achieve them.”

– Darakshan, Business Man

I'm glad I apprenticed with Beth as it made me a stronger and more confident leader

“When I first began training, I was questioning the financial commitment and wasn’t sure it would be worth it. Now, I am confident my body will benefit forever from this valuable training.”

– Evan Rilling, Chef

My masculine energy is stronger and I feel great

“My back pain is gone and I have no more discomfort with my golf swing.”

– Guy Webster, Rock Photographer


After training with Beth for only a month I don't need surgery! I'm so grateful

“I had a swollen ankle for almost 9 years and had many tests on veins and heart with no explanation. Recently, my foot was so infected that the doctor told me I had to take my toenails off. After training with Beth in Qigong for only a month, my feet are totally healthy, pink, the swelling is gone. I do not need surgery! I’m so grateful. Thank you!”

– Robin Beccue, Reiki Master

In just six weeks, I have noticed a much more energetic connection to my body

– Michael Kerr, Handyman


Discovering Qi Gong has been life-changing for me. My personal practice is profoundly energizing and calming

“Beth Leone embodies the practice with grace, power, beauty, strength, and a tremendous body of knowledge and experience. I am deeply grateful to continue to learning from Beth. If you are considering training, there’s no doubt your life will be transformed.”

– Taylor Morgan, Yoga & Qigong Instructor

You have taught me much

“in many realms of being, and I hold you in very high regard as a friend, leader, and guardian of all things both fierce, soft, and sacred.”

– Akira Chan, Film Producer

Beth is a radiant light to the world!

“Working with her brought me on a deeply personal journey of growth and empowerment that I will never forget. I’m constantly inspired by her passion, knowledge, and ability to balance a profoundly feminine energy with the strength and intensity of her art. Everyone can benefit from Beth’s training spiritually, emotionally, physically, whether you are young or old, strong or weak, no matter where you are in your life. I am filled with gratitude and peace.”

– Sasha Bujnak